atlanta equine laser treatmentDeep-penetrating therapeutic lasers are wonderful for our equine pets and partners. It is very effective at relieving patients’ pain, decreasing inflammation, and increasing circulation. It helps to improve healing.

Laser therapy is used to help heal a lot of injuries, including tendon injuries, osteoarthritis, back disorders, synovitis and much more. It has been very helpful for wounds that are not healing the way they should.

Laser therapy is also used to help our athletic patients. It helps them maintain their peak performance while reducing injuries. It is used to keep top athletes from becoming sore. The horses recover from their workouts faster without having to rest as much. It helps with daily training and competitions.

Laser therapy can be used with other therapies to great success. They seem to complement each other, helping the patients heal even quicker. If you have any questions about our laser therapy, contact us today.