Dr. Heidi Talks with 4HI had the great pleasure on meeting the Cobb County 4H club to give a presentation on animal chiropractic. The group of girls ranged from the youngest being 4 yrs old up to 16 yrs. old. The presentation was geared to give the girls and their parents a guide on listening to their animals when they might not be feeling or acting their best. It also gave some signs and symptoms to look for, what a chiropractic adjustment is, and how animal chiropractic can help. A pony named Sparkles helped with the demonstration by being adjusted and the girls asked some great questions. We all had an amazing time and I look forward to seeing the girls with their horses again in the future!

Want to schedule an animal chiropractic talk for your group or club?

Dr. Heidi and Dr. Diana will be happy to come and give a presentation for those interested. Whether your group is experienced equestrian’s, young rider’s, dog lovers in any of the various athletic clubs, breeder’s, cat owner’s, or any other animal owner, we would be delighted to come meet you! Just send us a message through this website and we will contact you to schedule a presentation just for your particular group